Starting well to end well.

It’s exciting to be in a virgin year but it’s embarrassing to remain surprised and confused on how to start the year. While you are still looking around, “Happy Christmas” will soon be the song of the year again by then it will dawn on you that time waits for no one. Don’t get too carried away by the ecstasy of being in a new year that you forget that days are already counting down. Preparation is the mother to fulfillment and laziness is a friend to procrastination. Whatever you have planned to achieve in the year, please just start…

If you made spiritual goals to pray three times a day or to study three chapters of the Bible or to read one motivational book per month or not to miss church services this year or to talk to one person per day about living right.. Whatever it maybe, have you started?? This is 3rd January, 2019 and while you are still taking a new year break it’s soon going to be 3rd April, 2019. Just start! Don’t wait till you think the year is settled or people have returned from their villages, how is that your business in the first place πŸ€”?

You made financial goals to save a certain amount at the end of the year or you decided to mind your spending this year but you just received a monetary gift and you are already negotiating within yourself whether to save it or to spend it on that shoe you have had your eyes on since last year, you are thinking if you don’t buy it now, you won’t see that design again… The truth is when you start compromising now, before the end of the year you won’t be able to achieve that goal… Gather all the forms of discipline you need and begin to work towards actualizing that goal.

You planned on learning a new language this year and you are still relaxed, you haven’t discovered any learning center around you or you even haven’t discovered a good site yet that’s if you want to learn online. You don’t know how much it will cost you, you dont have any plans yet. It’s not going to happen like magic, the language is not going to fall on you like that, don’t just write down goals without any feasible plans to back it up.

Even if you planned on a change of job this year, what are you doing towards that?? You don’t have your applications updated yet, you haven’t made enquiries about new openings yet, you are still thinking that when it’s time things will just happen like in the movies. πŸ€₯

Do you know that while you were busy eating and drinking Cox it’s Christmas and new year celebration, people were going for job interviews, people were establishing new contacts, others were getting new contracts, even new jobs..😒. I personally got an idea I will be workimg on in this year, I have established contacts already.

Don’t relax friends, let’s get out there and do whatever we have planned on doing. Don’t be scared of starting, don’t start giving excuses why you can’t begin yet, don’t tell your self to rest a little, don’t pause… Whatever you have written down for the year, prayerfully run with it, start running now. Life is a race, run on your path and don’t compare yourself with your community but with the world cox you are a global entity.

Remember starting well doesn’t guarantee your ending well, but you have to remain focused and aim to end well then you will be writing your success story at the end of the year.

I believe in you and what you can achieve by God’s grace.😁

See you soon!! 😎


End of Year Wrap Up…

Right now, I know you may be excited the year will be coming to an end in the next few days or you are sad or probably have mixed feelings, maybe because you actually didn’t achieve your set goals at the beginning of the year or you made a lot of mistakes during the year or let’s say you had limitations to achieving your goals and you didn’t even start, whatever it maybe, let’s have this end of year wrap up together.

When you fail you are not called a failure, it’s when you consistently fail because you never learnt any lessons from past experiences that’s when you become a failure. Whenever you meet obstacles, don’t run away, stay there, analyse, draw out a plan and overcome. πŸ‘Œ Until you fight your fears and leave your comfort zone, you will still remain stagnated and unsatisfied. Understand that everyone on earth was created for a purpose, so focus on yours and stop comparing yourself with others, because comparison is the fastest way to self limitation. Remaining positive no matter the situation is your greatest key to pulling through that challenge faster than you think.

So what do I do??πŸ€”

1. Go to a cool corner of your house or take some time out to a cool corner in your area.

2. Go along with a note pad and a pen.

3. Be calm for some minutes, maybe if you love music you can use a headset or whatever calms you just do it for a few minutes.

4. Now think back at all that has happened during the year.

5. Write down all the lessons you have learnt during the year in your note pad.

6. Based on the lessons learnt write down what you have resolved to stop doing and (or) start doing.

7. Write down new goals to achieve in the coming year, then break them up into each month. (i.e, how your goal can be achieved in the long run by breaking them up per month). For instance, if my goal is to publish a book by October next year, then by January I should have completed 2 chapters of the book, just like that).

8. Write down possible challenges you may face while achieving your goals and possible ways to overcome them. This gets you prepared ahead..

9. Write down books to read, friends to make, events to attend, personal development strategies, mentors to meet, skills to learn and every way possible to grow.. πŸ˜„

10. Also do not forget that the God factor cannot be overemphasized, remember to commit your ways and plans into God’s handsπŸ˜€..

Brace up, shake off the dust from your previous experiences during the year, step on the limitations, tear off the veil of the fear of venturing into that project, pick up your delivery tagged self confidence, wear that Spider Man shoe and get ready to fly higher in the year coming… πŸ‘Œ

Wrap up with a smile….. 😘. And don’t forget to share this post to everyone you love out there.. 😎.

Challenges: a part of success story .

Sometimes you hear people talk so much about how determined they were and how they have achieved their set goals but some people never tell you about their challenges making it look like life is a bed of roses.

The truth is you may never hear about the challenges people faced while achieving their goals and how they overcame them but you will surely see the outcome of their challenges ;success.

In achieving your set goals, prepare your mind for possible challenges, because without challenges success is not achievable. For every challenge faced and overcome is a stepping stone to getting to your desired goal. That’s why you don’t run away from challenges but you face them and learn some life lessons. The fact that you tried something once and it didn’t work out as planned doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again. You keep trying until you overcome all oppositions hindering your success. Don’t back off or give up, that’s risky.

When you do a thing and you don’t get oppositions, check that thing very well there must be something wrong πŸ˜€. Last time I wrote a story of my friend who was crazily determined to achieve her goals and how I saw her few years later and she was already living her dreams. Someone maybe thinking it just happened like magic but that’s not the way things are in the real sense.. People won’t recognize you when you are going through hard times but they won’t stop talking about you when you have overcome. No one may understand what you have passed through on the way to fulfilling your dreams but the evidence of a fulfilled life will surely show on your outside.

Start small and keep growing, fighting through and soon you will be surprised at where you will find yourself. You may be faced with financial challenges, family and friends not even believing in you, societal difficulties, personal limitations, whatever they maybe, don’t allow your back to be on the ground because of your background, don’t be scared of starting or you have started already and you are scared of finishing… Just keep fighting through, pushing your way through. Don’t neglect good associations, keep networking and making new contacts, you can never over emphasize the power of right association and I believe you will be writing your success story soon.

See you at the topmost top…. πŸ‘Œ

Wake up with determination go to bed with success.

The first time I met her I thought she was crazy, little did I know that there was a driving force somewhere. Ashade was 15 years old when we first met, I observed her with so much interest as she intensely listened to the guest speaker at the interschool seminar organized for secondary school students. She was in her senior class 3 by then but filled with so much dreams and visions for the future. While the speaker talked about “building a life you cant wait to wake up to”, she already had her long term goals written in her note pad, with smiles all over her face she listened and nodded her head in intervals in affirmation to what the speaker was saying. At a point I felt she was there when the speaker prepared the notes for this event, I couldn’t help but become jealous, I tried to take my eyes off her but something kept attracting me, it must be her passion for knowledge and determination to succeed. After the seminar, I quietly followed her trying to gain her attention but all to no avail, suddenly I stepped upon a stone and stumbled right in front of her. Awwww! I was in pain but happy I finally made it to her. She grabbed me and dusted my clothes and apologized for what she didn’t even do.. I am sorry dear, be more careful next time she said to me. Introductions began and friendship was kickstarted. That friendship has contributed to who I am today…

Ashade is a young industrious girl who is passionate about her dreams and ambitions, never taking no for an answer, always managing her time, highly disciplined and to crown it all crazily determined to get to her destination. She had her life all mapped out and not just that she was determined.

Why did I bring up this brief story?!

The key to success is determination.

Determination is what keeps you going despite the odds. It is a quality that makes one keep doing something despite how difficult. What you need to build that future you can’t wait to wake up to is determination! On the journey to success there are many challenges but something must keep you going, so you don’t turn back and give up. A friend once said to me, you don’t run away from doing a thing because it’s difficult, remain committed and determined, then you will turn out successful. Each time you are feeling the need to abandon that project you started, just think about why you started in the first place and you will see a reason to continue. Keep your gaze on the finish line. Ashade had a firm and fixed intention to achieve her desired end and whenever I see her today she is virtually living a fulfilled life, a life of her dreams, doesn’t that sound good to you. People may not see the challenges you passed through while achieving that goal or they may not appreciate the hard work you have put into it but they obviously won’t be able to stop talking about your success story. So why give up! Keep pushing! Keep doing what you are doing. You think it’s taking a long time to come to reality? Don’t worry just wake up everyday with determination and you will surely go to bed with success. πŸ‘Œ

Where are you and what are you doing??

Last time, I shared a story of someone who made resolutions at the beginning of the year but couldn’t keep to any of them. Today I am posing a question to someone out there, who has discovered their challenges, someone who is ready to start from somewhere not minding where they are at the moment, someone who is determined to take that step they are scared of taking, and my question is where are you and what are you doing??.

If you have discovered a problem, that’s not enough. If you have an idea, that’s good but not still enough. If you have gathered enough boldness to take that step that’s good but you must throw that leg into the air first. So where are you? Still there at that spot? Maybe not.

Somedays back I met an old friend and we sat over at a restaurant to talk, while we talked I observed she showed alot of sympathy for herself. So I asked her questions based on how she has been after our high school days and where she is at the moment. She suddenly became depressed, talking so much about how she had alot of dreams and ambitions after school but didn’t seem to understand how they all vanished. With tears dripping😫, she talked so much about the wrong relationships she had and how they contributed to making her abandon her dreams. While she spoke I remembered a quote, “you will remain the same after 20years except for the friends you keep and the books you read”. Well after much of her pathetic story I am glad she is determined to take a positive step to become a better person..

Where are you??πŸ™„

You have great dreams, goals, visions, things you intend to achieve whatever they may be… Ask yourself, what kind of friends do I have now, are they people that can guide me to achieving my dreams, are they people that believe in my dreams, or people that believe I can’t make it. If your association is not helping you please RUN as fast as you canπŸƒ… If where you are is not contributing to aiding you find your destination, please trace your steps and get it right. How can you be going to the east and you are in the north looking for a cab. Where you are determines where you will be soon. Look around you closely.. You have a dream of becoming one of the best writers but you are always in the midst of people who hates arts or do not even appreciate your dream, do you think you will go far??. Change your location so you can get to your destination in time.

What are you doing?? 😎

What efforts are you making towards realizing your goals. Are you standing and watchingπŸ•΄ or walking and working🚢? What are you doing now? Some months ago, I planned to do something I hate to do, that was a goal for that month, I didn’t just look at my written goal but I made sure it became a working goal. So I searched within and discovered I didn’t like to be a sales person, so I saved some money, learnt a skill on how to make home made liquid soap, then I started making my liquid soap and supplying to restaurants, homes, schools etc, I didn’t like it at all but I knew it was something I needed to achieve so I remained committed and yepee! It turned out well. Don’t just admire that vision or goal or dream, make it happen by taking steps towards it. Sit down draft all the steps that is necessary and what it will cost you, then be committed to taking those steps with so much determination and you will see it turn out well. Determination leads to success. πŸ‘Œ

Stop standing, walk and work.

Sitting right there in the cool of the day, staring into the open space, I thought of all the things I had written down to achieve at the beginning of the year, it dawned on me that the year was coming to a quick close. I quickly wore my memory shades and took a long walk in the hot sun through the Memory Lane. I remembered how excited I was when I wrote down my new year resolutions that fateful 31st night, the bad stuffs I said I was going to stop and the good works to begin, the friends to change and the ones to make, the programs to attend and all it takes to develop myself. I knew within me I was set to turn a new flower in the new year coming. Everything was set on paper but nothing was set in action. Oh how I thought the lines were going to fall unto me in pleasant places without my physical push(prepare and press until something happens). I looked at those resolutions with a broad smile, on the 1st January morning, proud of myself and all I had penned down, so ecstatic about what the year had in store for me. I couldn’t wait to delve into the new reality. Then, minutes passed, hours, weeks and months kept running like there was something chasing them, I nearly believed it was the severity of my new year resolutions that made them run so fast that I couldn’t catch up with them. Suddenly months began to fade away and my resolutions remained on paper. Goals I had set, books I had given titles, events I had mapped out, friends I had decided to keep away, bad habits I had planned to replace. Everything remained the same. I kept giving excuses until I exhausted my excuse menu. I kept negotiating with bad habits and now I am into full partnership with them. I really planned on paper but I never took any step. I was excited about my vision for the year but I didn’t make it come alive. I gave excuses of not being in a hurry and I will do what I have set out to do but indeed procrastination was my companion. Lots have happened so fast, this year is going to wave me goodbye soon and it just dawned on me that I really never took any positive step to achieve my goals. It’s better now than never, I don’t think of giving up now, I will start from here to begin to right my wrongs and take those steps necessary….. I Remain positive.